Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blog Reflections

Today in class we reviewed other students’ blogs about The Hunger Games. I reviewed both Jenny DelCoco’s and Devon Denman’s blogs. Both were phenomenal and highlighted two unique perspectives on the trilogy.

Jenny’s blog was about dystopian fiction and how The Hunger Games fulfills many characteristics of a dystopian society. She incorporated many points that Dr. Carpenter discussed during her presentation for our class. She discussed how a dystopian society is a society that has gone horribly wrong, values stability above all else, reflects contemporary cultural issues, involves propaganda, and frequently calls readers’ attention to ways our society may be already living in a dystopia. What I like most about her blog is the structure and supporting details. Every point Jenny makes is fully supported by details, an analysis, and quotes from the book or articles. She wrote a cohesive blog entry that highlights the most intricate details of The Hunger Games dystopian society.

Devon’s blog differs from Jenny’s by its overall tone and structure. Jenny’s blog was set up formally with well-formed ideas and paragraphs. Devon’s blog is unique because its layout is set up differently to begin with. Instead of immediately reading entries, you can click on a picture to choose a blog entry. I really like how she places pictures after paragraphs that incorporate their ideas. I also really enjoy how her blog’s tone is emotional and she connects to each of her entries. Devon’s blog gives a deeper meaning to The Hunger Games and allows readers to know how the book has affected her personally.

Both blogs are undoubtedly elaborate and answer all of the questions that were asked by the prompt. The main difference I see between the two is the tone the blog writers used. Both effectively communicate thoughts and ideas about the books and both were very enjoyable to read. They will continuously help me to see the trilogy from different perspectives and will always keep me engaged with The Hunger Games.

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