Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blog #1

I was so excited choosing classes for the Spring 2015 semester because I finally had a good registration time. Looking through the list of SIS courses, I knew The Hunger Games was my first choice and I got the very last spot in the class! SIS stands for Sophomore Interdisciplinary Studies. I had no idea what this meant until someone explained it to me. McDaniel College is a liberal arts school that offers coursework in so many different areas. Most people don’t realize that the wide disciplines available are all important in their own way. Most students view the McDaniel Plan as a tedious requirement but an SIS course is supposed to prove much more. I took The Hunger Games because I was very intrigued by the trilogy. I was never interested in Twilight, Harry Potter, or The Lord of the Rings, but this series caught my attention. Why not take a class where I can incorporate my discipline of Accounting along with all the others, while studying a favorable dystopia at the same time?

I am extremely passionate about Accounting as a major and future profession, and it was kind of difficult to connect this discipline to The Hunger Games. I hope I grow as a student from this course, learn how all these disciplines connect, and learn how to analyze The Hunger Games books and movies. I also hope to appreciate the series from a new perspective. The Hunger Games has been highly recommended to me by several friends for their own personal reasons, and I would like to create reasons of my own.

My favorite character from The Hunger Games is Peeta. Peeta first caught my attention when he graciously gave Katniss bread, offering her hope and faith in one of her darkest times. He not only unconditionally loves Katniss, but also continues to come back to her time after time after disappointment. He puts aside his feelings to stand by Katniss during the games as well as through different aspects of his and her life. Peeta’s disposition reminds me that in hard times you have no choice but to put personal issues aside and push forward. His compassion is admirable and his character shows a lot about how important Katniss is to him. Peeta is my favorite because he taught me the importance of second chances and thinking the best of people: two things I don’t, but need to consider more often. 


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